Authors, Writers, Public Speakers: Get Free Advertising and Share your Memories of Mom…In Honor of Mother’s Day

DSCN1970This is a busy season for my husband and me. Family, teaching, public speaking, radio interviews, and writing obligations have most everyday filled to the brim.

Because I’m faced with the challenges of fitting everything into a tight schedule, I’m reaching out to writers and public speakers to help me out by writing on my blog.

I stumbled upon the idea for this month’s topic at Marian Beaman’s blog, I borrowed it and changed it a bit.

Writing Topic:

In Honor of Mother’s Day which falls on May 11th, share a lesson with us that you learned from your mom.

Include information about yourself, if you’d like. Did you write a book? Are you a public speaker or a blog writer? You may include the addresses to your social media pages.

There’s no charge for the free advertising. Really.

And if you have a compelling life message, one that helps others, you might be invited to be a guest writer.

I’ll get this started with a short reflection from my life with my eccentric mother.

Shortly after the death of the love of my mother’s life, Luke, my sister and I met her for lunch, and wouldn’t you know it!–the song that was “their song” began playing over the sound system.

Mother’s eyes filled with tears. She reached into her purse, pulled out her dark Van Rays, slipped them on, and tilted her nose smugly. “This is what sunglasses are for. Always wear them when you cry in public.” She said with her voice full of dignity.

This was more than a decade ago. Since then I’ve had a few opportunities to pull out my dark glasses and slip them on in public, times when my heart was touched and the tears began to flow. This is what sunglasses are for, after all.

A Few Rules:

  1. Share your mom story in the reply box on this page.
  2. Remember that the attention span of the average blog reader is limited–we’re such busy people–aim for 250 words or less.
  3. Keep it clean.
  4. Keep it respectful.
  5. If you’d like, include the addresses for any or all of these: your social media page(s), blog sites, websites.
  6. If you’re an author and your book or article helps others, include the title, link to it, and why you wrote it for some free advertising. And you never know who might read this page–you just might get discovered!
  7. If your mom story is clean and respectful, I’ll share your writing with the world.
  8. Troubleshooting: If you can’t find the black reply box, scroll up to the top and look to the right. Under the “Search” box, you’ll find “Recent Topics,” click on the title of this article. This takes you to the article with a comment box.

Happy Writing~


4 thoughts on “Authors, Writers, Public Speakers: Get Free Advertising and Share your Memories of Mom…In Honor of Mother’s Day

  1. Lesson Learned from Mom

    One lesson I learned from my Mom was probably inadvertent and certainly unintended.

    I grew up in a very strict Lancaster County Mennonite home. Mother was dead serious about instilling a work ethic. She even monitored play, chiding my Dad for wanting to play baseball at summer reunions because it violated Sabbath rules.

    Both she and Dad were fearful my sisters and I would have babies out of wedlock and bring shame and disgrace upon the family name. Since I had my nose in the books during high school, I don’t know how she thought this could happen.

    Recently I have gotten acquainted with one of the dozen or so girls my parents mentored through an agency called New Life for Girls years ago after I left home. An Hispanic girl from inner-city Chicago with a checkered past, Gloria regales me now with stories about the fun she had with my parents on weekends away from the program, making home-made root beer and ice cream from a churn. After yet another unplanned pregnancy, Gloria tearfully phoned my mother who had not one critical word to say to her, telling her “You just have to trust that God is still in control.” Then “Mom prayed for me,” she adds.

    In the space of twenty years, both my parents had evolved into more open-minded mentors, parents of a different sort. My constantly nagging, hard-to-please Mother got it right with her second set of daughters. Her actions tell me that it’s never too late to learn the lessons of compassion and grace.

    Full story on my blog Saturday, May 10, 2014

    1. Your writing drew me instantly into your story. Doting moms can be a pain, but their strict rules come from a caring heart, and sometimes from fear–as you shared, your mother was afraid of an unplanned pregnancy.

      She and your dad must be pretty special, giving those girls an opportunity to experience a better world.

      I read the article on your blog about the broken leg and ecstatic emotions this morning; it was great fun. And I look forward to reading more of your writing.

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