Is Your Life a Quiet River or a Pounding Ocean?

It amazes me how the seasons in our lives are a lot like rivers and oceans. They can be non-eventful with little going on.

Ocean view by Rosendahl


Or they can be really busy with lots going on all at once.

Ocean landscape from shore by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Life happens in seasons. Learning to yield to them produces greater harmony with our environment and gives us permission to enjoy each day.

Enjoy each day. They’re gifts from God.

Pamela Koefoed

2 thoughts on “Is Your Life a Quiet River or a Pounding Ocean?

  1. Your metaphor is certainly apt. Sometimes I have both in one day, depending on external circumstances or inner goals, sometimes too ambitious. RIght now, the world is quiet, the hour is late and so I would say at the moment life is a quiet river. The pounding Atlantic Ocean is just literally about 10 miles from our door-step.

    Thoughtful post, Pamela.

    • Marian,

      A little of both is nice. I like quiet rivers, but too much calm leaves me feeling bored. But when my life is like the active sea, then I crave a quiet river.
      Funny how that is.

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