Jesus Followers, Not Freaks!

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Being a follower of Jesus, your mindset is radically different than that of the world’s. But you’re not a freak!

Instead of hating your enemies, you love them by praying for them.

Instead of living a life motivated by fear and greed, your life is energized by courage and a desire to help others.

Your words are radically different than that of the world’s. You speak hope when others expect defeat. Your words inspire, console and heal. Your conversation is beyond reproach. Your words are salted with grace.

Will you always live as I’ve stated here? If you do, please write to me because you will be the first perfect Jesus follower who has ever lived. The radical difference, however, is that when you mess up you go to Him in humble attitude and repentant heart.

When you wrong others, you seek their forgiveness. When your heart is hurt, you freely forgive. When you’ve done a wrong and can offer restitution, you do so.

You don’t knowingly cause others to stumble. You reflect to those who have fallen the grace and mercy that Jesus has given you.

Followers of Jesus, your life in Christ impacts more people than you realize. Don’t quit. Please. Keep looking to Jesus to become more and more like Him. The world needs you. We all need you.

Keep living in Him,



3 thoughts on “Jesus Followers, Not Freaks!

  1. “…..pronouncements of coming destroyers…” these words brought a chill to my bones and heart …. we hear so much, know too much about the cruelty in our world…. but care not enough to stand with Him who destroys the destroyers! Garbage in.. garbage out. Why did that silly phrase come to mind? God is ready to clean house and gardens of His creation … help me Lord to be a willing worker in this task.

    1. Monica, your reply is very well stated. I love that God is redemptive. Even when “garbage” comes out of our mouths, His patience is beyond reasonable. Don’t you love the fact that He doesn’t stand over us with a whipping stick, but with a loving correction? And His instruction is practical. We are told to fill our hearts with His Word and our minds with His perspective. Let’s ban all “garbage” from our gardens. Blessings to you~

    2. I JUST shared with Lance Wallnau this morning on Facebook, reminding him that where our attention goes, energy flows.
      Sunday, August 24, 2014 at 8:12 am Me to Lance:
      Excuse me, Lance. Just an observation here. The devil seems to be getting an inordinate amount of air time lately, all couched with the honorable intention of defeating his ass. I’m not addressing the content of what preachers and prophets are saying right now, just the general topic. We will take the land back for God’s Kingdom when our attention flows to Sabbatical Rest, rather than giving more air time to the devil, how to defeat him, and the topic of warfare ad nauseum. We already know that stuff. What the people of God don’t know is what it really means to rest in God. Shabbat Shalom. I’m still parking and praying every day in my car, praying for the reconciliation of the Churches. (Seven years now and heading into the eighth.) I know that I am “good enough.” What the Church doesn’t know is that she, too, can rest. ~k
      Lance and Rick Joyner and many other prophetic voices seem to be hyper-focusing lately on the devil and warfare to beat him, which is admirable, but in our zeal to defeat the enemy it is possible to reflect the enemy instead of our Lord Jesus Christ, even though we are coming out of good intentions. It is my prayer to bring healing and restoration. These warriors are just the best! They have so much courage! One couldn’t ask for a better team: Lance, Rick, Bobby, Chuck, Steve, Kim, and Doug, are angels of Light! Father God, help them to draw close to You in order to usher in Your Kingdom on earth as You see it in heaven. ~Kathryn

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