Why the slander? Why the misrepresentation of public officials, businesses, and organizations? Why are great numbers of loud voices crying that the cup’s half empty when there’s a 50 50 chance that it’s actually quite full?

My questions have no simple answers, I’m sure of this! And I’m not done asking them.

Why are news and media channels participating in an ongoing onslaught of misrepresentations, misquotes, and deceptive practices? Why have so many good people jumped on the bandwagon?

When are we going to get back to just the facts in reporting…please, just the facts! Walter Cronkite, where are you? We need you!

It only takes a pinch of deception to make the whole thing a rotten pot of porridge. There’s a lot of spoiled porridge being served. I’m not eating it and I hope that you won’t either.

God bless American and God bless each of you,

Pamela Koefoed


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