Five important lessons that I’ve learned from my walk with the Lord:

  • Impatience will slow your progress. It demonstrates a lack of wisdom and faith.
  • Trying to take shortcuts will hinder your journey. It demonstrates independence from the Lord.
  • Allowing worldliness to remain in your life will subtract from a meaningful relationship with Jesus.
  • Inconsistent intimacy with Jesus equals little to no anointing for ministry.
  • Salvation is two part: He already did His part and we are instructed to do ours, to live as though we are saved. Philippians 2:12; 2 Cor. 7:1

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  1. Thank you Pamela, just reading your book Angels what an amazing journey u have been on.Now finding your website. I am writing a book, hopefully many will follow and Bible studies. How do u keep from getting discouraged?Blessing to u Joanne

    1. Joanne, how precious your note is to me.

      Oh the journey! It doesn’t always feel like Jesus is with us does it?

      Some days are harder than others. Some days are more joyful. Some days our purpose is so big in our hearts that we can’t wait to jump into it. Other days, we wonder what we’re doing. But Jesus is with us all the way. He is very near to each of us and loves us extravagantly.

      My heart is warmed by knowing that you are reading Angels Appearing. That labor of love was a three year endeavor. At times, revelation poured into my heart like water from a faucet.

      I encountered some difficulties as well. For instance, portions of the manuscript were lost. These I rewrote. And the woman whom I hired to format the final manuscript had a program that wasn’t compatible with all of the dozens and dozens of Angels Appearing’s end notes.

      But several amazing blessings also occurred while writing it, and I very much enjoyed the writing process.

      As you know, writing a book is hard work. There are all sorts of things that compete for our hearts and attention. But when the Lord gives you something to do, that’s where He provides the grace to complete it.

      Stay the course by keeping in mind what you hope to accomplish through your books. An example is that I thought of people just like you who would read my book and be helped by it. This and the Lord’s beautiful Presence kept me going.

      Wishing you great success with your writing. Praying for you now.


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