Wie man sein Leben ändert, indem man Gottes Wahrheit in deinem Herzen erhält – Aktivität (Change Your Life with God’s Truth–Activity)

Change Your Life Activation in English and German:   Focusing on negative circumstances doesn’t help. Worrying about the past or the future is harmful for your God - created purpose and for your health. Renew your mind to have a more hopeful and optimistic perspective on life. Die Fokussierung auf die negativen Umstände hilft nicht. Sich über die Vergangenheit oder die Zukunft zu sorgen i st schädlich für deinen von Gott geschaffenen Sinn und für deine Gesundheit. Erneuere deinen Verstand, um eine hoffnungsvollere und optimistische Per s pektive auf dein Leben zu haben.  

You can Live Fearless…Two Tools that Really Work

You don't have to live with fear. On this video, I share two tools that really work to free yourself of fear's subtle and more obvious influences. I've put these tools to use and have had such great results that I'm sharing them with whoever is listening...hopefully, that's you.

How to Change Your Life

To fulfill our God designed purpose, fear based thinking must be replaced with a way of thinking that encourages our own hearts and motivates our own minds. Too often, the inward self critic and the mind's anti-risk mode uses fear to dissuade us away from the steps that lead us into what we're here on this planet for.

Live Fearless, a Livestream Event with Me, Pamela Koefoed

Those early experiences wrote a script in my mind which told me that I was not safe. I was in my thirties when I realized that most people don't plan escape routes, but that's what I did many times over the years.

How to be Happier

How to be truly and  chronically happy... Love God. Love your family and “your neighbor.” Be kind to yourself. You will make mistakes. We all do. Give yourself some grace, because this is what God does. Do your part to stay true to God and to who He created you to be. Stop and smell … Continue reading How to be Happier