Children’s Book Journey, Xander the Wonder Pug

Hello, I’m super excited about my first children’s book and grateful to my new friends Rodney and Marcia for asking me to write and illustrate a book about their special, blind pug Xander who does therapy work in Klamath Falls, Oregon.xand-smile

Xander visits 500 or more children each year, teaching them about kindness, and alleviating dog anxiety that some of the children have by showing them that he’s all wiggles and kisses, and is like the calm sea in the company of especially fearful children.

He’s a pretty special pug and it’s my heartfelt desire to create a pretty special book for the children.

I’m journaling my writing and illustrating journey as I work on Xander the Wonder Pug. Some of the illustrations and my experiences in this effort can be found on this website form the side selections. Look for, The Journey of a Children’s Book Author, Xander the Wonder Pug.

Thanks or stopping by.

Have a wonderful day,

Pamela Koefoed, Author