Live Fearless, a Livestream Event with Me, Pamela Koefoed

imac 27 wallpaper-271Living fearlessly is one of my life messages. I came by it in a deeply personal and authentic way.

Trauma and terror were part of my early childhood. By age eight, fear and I were well acquainted. During a two year period I was in danger. The fear that I felt at that time was totally legitimate.

Those early experiences wrote a script in my mind which told me that I was not safe. I was in my thirties when I realized that most people don’t plan escape routes, but that’s what I did many times over the years.

In my new home, when my husband and I were on vacation, and even while staying with friends for a weekend, I planned in my mind how to suddenly vacate the building.

In my forties, I realized that many of my decisions were influenced in some way by fear undertones. It was a startling discovery.

One afternoon, I walked in the field behind my home and I talked to the Lord about this. I remember telling Him about the fear that I wanted to conquer.

I decided to reach out to Him for help. “Lord,” I prayed. “Please make me fearless.”

The Lord’s answer to that little prayer didn’t come suddenly, but it came incrementally over the next months and years. It came with the study of Scripture as passages stood out to me and revelation flowed. It came with learning to trust God with each of my children, with my husband and with me. And it came through putting into practice the wisdom that He supplied.

Because I want to help you break free of fear, I taught a class on Facebook Live and posted it to my Facebook page. Some of the topics covered during the 50 minute teaching are: the story behind Living Fearless, how fear influences our decisions, how to quickly stop fear before it gets a foothold, and how to replace anxiety with peace.

Freedom in Jesus is available to all of us. The ones who find it are the ones who seek it. If you desire victory over an area of your life, I encourage you to come on over to my Facebook page and watch Living Fearless. It’s my earnest prayer and belief that you’ll be greatly blessed and greatly encouraged by the Living Fearless teaching.

Living Fearless was recorded via Facebook livestream and can be found on my Facebook page,

You are dearly loved,


Highlights from Santa Fe, New Mexico

From Moab, Utah we drove eight hours to Santa Fe, New Mexico where we lodged for the night at the beautiful home of a former railroad tycoon, the Madeline Inn.

Built in 1866 the lovely Victorian Queen Anne building is surrounded by gardens, a courtyard, and is lavishly furnished with period pieces and some unusual items from the owner’s travels to Indonesia–Buddha statues and Hindu puppets.

Madeline King Room

The Madeline’s owner Caroline graciously assisted with information about the use of their land line for an interview on a radio station.

I was interviewed over the phone while in this lovely room. As I visited with the show’s host, little birds in the tree right outside my window sang

Madeline Inn Extras

Fun extras were provided. Here’s one example; if we needed a cloth for a small task, such as washing Fiddo, they were within easy reach–right in our room.




Breakfast at the Madeline was a delightful combination of sweet and spicy. George, the inn’s chef served a scrumptious spinach egg dish with spicy salsa and black beans, coffee cake, banana bread, and fruit. Organic coffee and tea were offered, as well as juice.

One of the reasons we chose the Madeline is its location near Santa Fe’s famous historic city center. After breakfast, Vern and I walked a short distance to the Plaza for a look at some of New Mexico’s rich architectural history.

Santa Fe the PlazaThe most stunning feature of the Plaza is the Palace of the Governors.

Built in 1610, the Palace of the Governors is the longest operating public building in the United States and currently serves as New Mexico’s history museum.

Native American vendors, along the front of the Palace, sell pottery, jewelry, baskets, blankets, and other crafts. They have been doing so since 1936.

Santa Fe Plaza Pam & VendorsNearly all of the artisans along the Palace offered sterling silver and turquoise jewelry for a sum exceeding our trip’s “extra purchases” budget. So we enjoyed the beauty of the people and their traditional crafts without making a purchase.

After a few hours in the Plaza, window shopping and admiring the stunning adobe architecture, we had a late lunch in a well loved local restaurant–La Choza before heading south to visit our son, his wife and our first grandchild in Gardendale, Texas.

More about La Choza and our trip to the oil boom fields of western Texas in our next blog entry.

Blessings to you~

Pamela & Vern



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Surprises in Price, Utah


Copyright Vern Koefoed 2014

Copyright Vern Koefoed 2014

Vern and I drove from West Valley City, Utah to Moab, Utah on day two of our Oregon to Texas adventure.

On the way, we decided to stop in Price, Utah where some of Vern’s mother’s family–on her paternal side–the Price’s, once had lived. We parked on Main Street and walked several blocks to Farlaino’s Cafe where we enjoyed a tasty lunch.

Vern had a dinner salad, meatballs and spaghetti. The tangy, tomato based sauce was slightly spicy. I had chicken and rice soup. Garlic toast came with our meal.   Lunch

The portions were generous, and neither the soup or spaghetti dish were typical restaurant fare. We were surprised by the homemade flavor and quality.

Betty Martinez and her daughters Helen Crandall and Trish Frandsen welcomed Vern and me. They’ve cooked and served meals to customers in this same location for thirty-two years.

Farlaino's owner

The building itself is more than 100 years old. Last October, Helen purchased the restaurant, fulfilling a dream of hers to own Farlaino’s, which is a popular attraction among locals and tourists.

“You’ll never guess what used to be upstairs,” Helen said, pointing at the ceiling. “A brothel. Here, let me show you something.”

I followed her behind the serving counter and was surprised to see what looked like an old-fashioned doorbell beside some food service items.

“This is the buzzer that they used to call the girls to come downstairs with. They pushed it and it rang for them.”

Before heading out the door to continue our drive to Moab, Vern and I were invited back. If given the chance, we’ll return for more of their hospitality, tasty cuisine and interesting local history.

Thank you Farlaino’s for an overall great experience.


Don’t Drive Fly–Good Advice…Maybe (Formally, ‘Why Are you Driving to Texas?’)

Vern and I will be heading our silver Cadillac Seville down the road for a trip through six states. We’re bound for Texas to see our first grandchild, a darling baby boy, and we’re making a vacation out of it by including National monuments, National parks, amazing scenery, and beautifully decorated Bed and Breakfasts on the itinerary.

Making this grandparent thing a little more real is what motivated us to consider driving to Texas. A few of our friends have said, “Why are you driving from Oregon all the way to Texas? You should fly.”

I’ll try answering this questions here. Driving to the nearest airport will take us four hours. Going through security, another hour. Wait an hour for the flight. Fly all day. That’s one and a half days gone. We might as well drive and tour a part of America that we’ve only seen in National Geographics.

We can’t wait to see our son, daughter-in-love, and to hold the newest member of our family. Vern and I have no idea what it’s like to be grandparents, but all our grandparent friends and family tell us how remarkable it is. They say it’s even more fun than parenthood. I have loved every moment of being a parent, so being grandma must be next to heaven itself.

We invite you to join us on the adventure by following our blog. We’ll share some of our photos, reviews of terrific and (hopefully not terrible) discoveries, interesting sites, fascinating finds, delicious dining, and we’ll give you a mini tour of the bed and breakfasts in which we’ll be staying.

Followers will also get to discover with us what our friends and family have been telling us–that being a grandparent is the best “job” on the planet.

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Happy Trails.

Blessings to you~

Pamela & Vern


Russia’s Old Tricks


It’s late and my eyes are heavy with sleep, but I must write and provoke you to do as I’m doing–consider recent events in Eastern Europe.

I keep thinking about how we and many other nations were just in Sochi, Russia–the sponsoring nation of the winter Olympics–It was such a celebratory time and it gave me hope that the U.S.S.R. government had reformed from the former ways  of tyranny.

I’m saddened that the Soviet Union is still using its old tricks of intimidation, oppression and absolute power to exercise a heavy hand over the heart of its nation–its people.

The assembling of the nations in beautiful Sochi has been followed by the seizing of Crimea. A couple of days ago, the Russian free media was silenced; websites reflecting opinions which are not supportive of Mr. Putin’s ideologies and politics were unplugged; and protestors whose protests are not “sanctioned” by the government will receive heavy penalties. I find equally disheartening the posturing rhetoric that was recently made against the United States concerning “radioactive ash.”

Much more good is accomplished through collaboration where everyone at the table agrees to listen, love (honor one another), and learn. Okay, I’ll be the first to admit, maybe my ideas are simplistic and a little too sweet for some politicians, but when has tyranny ever created a stronger nation or a more dedicated and loyal citizenry?

Pursuing peace above war, and love above hatred, and truth above deception is a far better path for all people and all nations.

A great man once said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hateonly love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr

A Writer’s Life

My publicist, Mr. NewImageman, is getting things in order for a radio tour to introduce my memoir, JoyRide: Life, Death and Forgiveness to America–wow. I’m feeling a little mixed about it. I’m excited, but I’m also apprehensive. I suppose these kinds of feelings are normal.

Looking forward to blogging my experiences from this new leg of the journey.