What Would Your Life be Like if You Lived without Fear?


Hey friends, have you ever imagined how your life would be different if you lived without fear? Of course, I’m not talking about healthy fear, which is meant to direct us away from real danger.

I posted this question on my Facebook page and am delighted to have several responses to share with you in today’s article. In a minute, I’ll share those with you.

But first…

What would you do that you’re not currently doing if you had no fear? I encourage you to think about it. I would love to see your answer. Feel free to write me in the comment box at the end of this article.

What Would Your Life be Like if You Lived without Fear?

  1. My life would be filled with abundant faith.
  2. I could only imagine that I would feel free. With that freedom would come boldness, encouragement, new relationships, and amazing prayer resulting in deeper faith.
  3. I would have peace, boldness, the thought of enough. I would feed the hungry, heal the sick and boldly go where few men have gone before.
  4. Perfect peace. Right relationships and community. And, of course fear’s opposite–love!
  5. The Lord would have my heart and I would watch His hand work things out.
  6. Unshakable faith that allows one to stand no matter what. I’d have hope through every storm or situation.
  7. I would exercise boldness to overcome.
  8. I would control problems by telling them how big my God is!
  9. One would become what God intended; at no one time would we fail to act in faith in line with God’s purpose, thus our lives would be full of wonders.

I love these responses. It’s a short list, but some common themes are among them. Did you spot them? Faith, boldness, peace, and meaningful relationships. All of these are very good.

You don’t have to wait another day to begin living with less fear. In today’s live video, I give two keys to living a life without fear. I’ve used these keys in my own walk out of trauma caused fear. These tools really work.

Can you imagine what it’s like to live without fear hanging over your life? It means that you will walk in what the Lord places before you. It means that you can have meaningful relationships. It means that your life will not be boring, because you’ll say yes to new opportunities.

You see, Jesus Christ came that we would have an abundant life (John 10:10). It’s God’s will for all of us to live the abundant life that He created.

Get free of fear. Don’t let it hang over you. Through the perfect love of God, you can be totally free from limiting, hindering fear. To help and encourage you, I’ve included the link to today’s live video class, How to be Powerful in Life. This is where you’ll find the two keys for living without fear.


How about you? I would love to know how your life would be different if you lived without fear.

God bless you. He deeply and eternally loves you.


How to Live without the Fear of Disappointment

dscn19701.jpgDisappointments can turn a great day into a woes me day. They can transform a celebration into a wake, as we mourn a loss and disappointments can really mess up our plans.

Take a meaningful relationship, for example. I’ll always remember the day, the very hour, the very moment when one of my dearest friends cut off all of her friends from her life.

We were sisters in Christ. We had traveled in ministry together. We encouraged each other to a closer walk with God. We prayed for one another’s children. I could share my heart with her and she’d pray. She could tell me anything, because she knew that I would pray. We had planned a future in ministry together.

When she shut everyone out of her life, I assumed she didn’t mean me. What a shock to learn that everyone even meant me. I lived for a while in unbelief but, as the days passed, reality hit my heart and I wept as though my friend had died. This is why I say that disappointment can change a celebration into a wake.

How to Live without the Fear of Disappointment with Pamela Koefoed

On today’s video, you can learn how to move from disappointment into the joy that the Lord has set before you, and you will obtain keys for a hope-filled life.

Those of you who have been hurt by disappointments in relationships, you can either build a wall of protection around your heart or you can leverage the disappointment to move forward.

Those of you who’ve been frustrated by disappointing work or ministry experiences, you can either live without anticipating a fulfilling work or ministry experience or you can leverage the disappointments to propel you forward.

Those of you who’ve had more than your share of disappointments, you can play it safe by keeping your distance from what potentially could end up in another disappointment… if you choose.

But are you really safe?

I mean, think about it, if you’re staying in your “comfort zone” because of something you fear then you’re most likely not fulfilling your God created purpose, which means you’re not experiencing the abundant joy of a deeply satisfying life.

On today’s video, you can learn how to move from disappointment into the joy that the Lord has set before you, and you will obtain keys for a hope-filled life.

God wants your soul to be anchored in hope. Restore hope. Restore trust. Live the life that God designed for you. Live in abundant joy.

You are dearly loved,

Pamela Koefoed



How to Change the World

Last week, I had a great time sharing something that I’m very passionate about. It’s one of my life messages and I believe it will help to Change the World.

First, I had a little fun with a surprise “guest” and the remarkable story of how I found a dog named Faith. This led into the core message of being world changers through a lifestyle of partnership with the Lord.

I’m not talking about religious traditions or practices. I’m not referring to something that ordinary people can’t do. This is something that all of us can put into practice with exciting results beyond anything you can imagine.

Too many people separate the sacred from what most people consider common. There’s a tendency to compartmentalize Christianity, setting it aside for certain special times and places. This isn’t what Jesus had in mind when He said that He would dwell in us and with us, John 14:23.

I’m confident that the world is changed one person at a time. Through my weekly video broadcasts, I’m doing my part to make the world a lovelier place.

Video details: I’ve included the video recording for you here on this page. You are always welcome to share anything that you find on this website with others.

The remarkable story of how we found our dog is included in the first 10 minutes, followed by the twenty minute teaching, How to Change the World. The last half of the class is devoted to responding to viewer comments.

You are dearly loved,

Pamela Koefoed



Don’t Let Fear Diminish the Amazing Life that God has for You to Live

VictoryAlready this year, fear has tried to hinder me from living the amazing life that God has for me. In January, I learned how to use new technology to produce live videos, and I learned how to illustrate a children’s book. Acquiring the new skills that I needed brought a measure of misery–a weighty feeling. I was overwhelmed. If I had listened to my feelings, then fear would’ve diminished the amazing life that God has for me to live.

Intimidation often accompanies new and unknown territory. The weighty misery that I felt when I thought about what I needed to learn is common to mankind. It’s a fear that can hinder you (and me), unless we rule over it.

Many great opportunities are lost to those who submit to unreasonable fear. There are very effective principles that I use to overcome what would otherwise keep me from living the life that God has for me. I share these principles with you in today’s teaching video, Don’t Let Fear Hinder Your Purpose.

In this video class, I’ll tell you how I overcame fear to walk through the doors that the Lord has opened. I’ll share with you principles that have helped me trust the Lord more consistently. By the way, these are the principles that I used to overcome that awful feeling that often accompanies learning a new skill.

God has a truly amazing life for each of you to live. Sometimes circumstances keep us from things that are so good, and sometimes fear hinders us from living life more fully.   You might be surprised to discover how practical the Lord’s antidote is for the fears that hinder.

I invite you to get some paper, if you can, a pencil, and jot down some notes as you listen to today’s teaching.

God bless you,

Pamela Koefoed

A Letter to Those Who are Alone on Valentine’s Day

imac 27 wallpaper-190Dear Friend,

If you’re alone on Valentine’s Day then this letter is for you.

I’m here to give you something more than a pep talk, because I don’t think an inspirational message will fill the empty seat beside you. I don’t have quotes from studies to prove to you that you aren’t the only person on the planet without a wedding ring. And I’m not writing to “encourage” you with a reminder that there are countless numbers of single people in the world. After all, if you’ve been single for very long, it can seem like all of the decent single people have vanished.

I will not suggest that you think about those less fortunate than yourself…You are not getting guilted into accepting your singleness. At least, not by me.

I’ve thought of you all week and this is what I want you to know. Okay, so, it’s technically impossible to know each of you by name. But in the more general sense, you have been on mind. I’ve been concerned about how you’re doing today.

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day of love, and for some of you its been a tough one. I’m not going to remind you to shift your thinking from what’s missing in your life to what you do have. Changing your thoughts, by the way, to something more positive can help, but I have another suggestion, a better suggestion…and it might be something you’ve never considered.

It’s the practice of being more aware of the Lord in your life, because He can do what kind and encouraging words are incapable of doing. He’s your Savior and Lord, and He can also be your friend.

And, so….

  • If a room in your home feels empty, invite the Lord to to fill it with His Presence.
  • When need is greater than supply, invite the Lord to provide for you as a devoted spouse provides for the dearly loved.
  • On those days when you long for companionship, invite the Lord to be beside you.
  • When it’s difficult to make a decision alone, invite the Lord to be your wisdom.
  • On this Valentine’s Day, invite the Lord to make His love known to you.

And remember, you are greatly loved: John 3:16 & 1 John 3:1

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Pamela Koefoed


Wie man sein Leben ändert, indem man Gottes Wahrheit in deinem Herzen erhält – Aktivität (Change Your Life with God’s Truth–Activity)

wallpaper-new22I’ve found the following activity helpful in my life. I think about and I speak aloud what the Bible says about God. And I think about and I speak aloud what the Bible says I can do through faith in Jesus.

This method helps turn weak faith into strong faith. Having strong faith is what God wants you to have…it can change your life.

Ich habe die folgende Aktivität in meinem Leben hilfreich gefunden. Ich denke darüber nach und ich spreche laut, was die Bibel über Gott sagt. Und ich denke darüber nach und ich spreche laut, was die Bibel sagt, die ich durch den Glauben an Jesus tun kann. Diese Methode hilft schwachen Glauben in starken Glauben zu verwandeln. Einen starken Glauben zu haben, ist das, was Gott will, dass du es hast … es kann dein Leben verändern.

Daily Pledge – Tägliches Versprechen

Focusing on negative circumstances doesn’t help. Worrying about the past or the future is harmful for your God – created purpose and for your health. Renew your mind to have a more hopeful and optimistic perspective on life.


Die Fokussierung auf die negativen Umstände hilft nicht. Sich über die Vergangenheit oder die Zukunft zu sorgen i st schädlich für deinen von Gott geschaffenen Sinn und für deine Gesundheit. Erneuere deinen Verstand, um eine hoffnungsvollere und optimistische Per s pektive auf dein Leben zu haben.


If there’s something weighing on your heart today, tell the Lord what it is and ask for His help in the situation. Thank Him for the answer before you receive it.

Wenn heute etwas auf deinem Herz lastet, sage dem Herrn was es ist und bitte um seine Hilfe in dieser Situation. Danke Ihm für die Antwort bevor du sie empfängst.

→Read the following eight bulleted items one or more times a day.

→Lese die folgenden acht aufgezählten Punkte ein oder mehrmals am Tag.

  • Today I won’t allow worry to fill my thoughts. I cast all my care on the Lord, for He cares for me, 1 Peter 5:7.

Heute werde ich Sorge nicht erlauben, mein Denken zu füllen. Ich werfe alle meine Sorgen auf den Herrn, weil er für mich sorgt .(1. Petrus 5,7)

  • Today I will expect good things to happen. After all, God is causing all things to work together for my good, because I love Him, Romans 8:28 – 29.

Heute werde ich erwarten, dass gute Dinge geschehen werden. Schließlich wird Gott es veranlassen, dass mir alle Dinge zu meinem Besten dienen werden, weil ich Ihn liebe.

(Römer 8, 28)

  •  Today I won’t expect failure. I will look to the Lord for success by committing my plans to Him, Philippians 4:13.

Heute werde ich kein Versagen erwarten. Ich werde auf den Herrn schauen für Gelingen und Ihm meine Pläne übergeben. (Philipper 4,13).

  •  Today I won’t allow a self critical thought to take up space in my mind. After all, I’m told in 1 John 3:1 to think about how great God’s l ove is for me.

Heute werde ich keinem selbstkritischen Gedanken erlauben, Platz in meinem Denken einzunehmen . Schließlich ist mir in 1. Johannes 3,1 gesagt, darüber nachzudenken, wie groß Gottes Liebe für mich ist. 1. Joh. 3,1: Seht, welch eine Liebe hat uns der Vater erwiesen, dass wir Gottes Kinder heißen sollen.

  • Today I won’t worry about getting sick. I take for myself the New Covenant blessing of redemption from sin and disease through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Heute werde ich mich nicht darum sorgen, krank zu werden. Ich nehme für mich den Segen der Erlösung von Sünde und Krankheit durch das Blut von Jesus Christus in Anspruch.

  • Today I won’t scrutinize how my voice sounds. I won’t negatively assess my physical features. I won’t worry what oth ers think about me. I’m the dearly beloved of the Father and He created me in His likeness and image. I’m a blessing to others, 1 John 4:7; Genesis 1:27- 28

Heute werde ich nicht überprüfen , wie meine Stimme klingt. Ich werde nicht in negativer Weise meine körperlichen Eigenschaften beurteilen. Ich werde mich nicht darüber sorgen was andere über mich denken. Ich bin die teuer Geliebte des Vaters und er hat mich geschaffen in seine Ähnlichkeit und in sein Bild. Ich bin ein Segen für andere. (1. Johannes 4,7; 1. Mose 1, 27 ). 1. Joh. 4,7 : Ihr Lieben, lasst uns einander lieb haben; denn die Liebe ist von Gott, und wer liebt, der ist aus Gott geboren und kennt Gott.

  • Today I expect favor on my life. I am chosen. I’m not rejected, Isaiah 41:9

Heute erwarte ich Gunst auf meinem Leben. Ich bin erwählt. Ich bin nicht abgelehnt. Jesaja 41,9 : […] ich erwähle dich und verwerfe dich nicht .

  • Today I will show love and receive love, 1 John 4:7 – 10

Heute werde ich Anderen gegenüber Liebe zeigen und Liebe empfange n .

1. Joh. 4, 7 – 10 : Ihr Lieben, lasst uns einander lieb haben; denn die Liebe ist von Gott, und wer liebt, der ist aus Gott geboren und kennt Gott.

→  Speak aloud the following ten statements one or more times a day for 30 days. Decree a thing and it shall be established, Job 22:28.

→  Spreche die folgenden zehn Statements 30 Tage lang ein oder mehrmals am Tag laut aus. Verordne eine Sache und sie wird errichtet. Hiob 22,28 : Was du dir v ornimmst, lässt er dir gelingen und das Licht wird auf deinen Wegen scheinen.

  • I can accomplish things that seem hard for me through Christ Jesus, Romans 8:17

Ich kann durch Jesus Christus Dinge vollb ringen, die mir hart erscheinen. Römer 8,17 : Sind wir aber Kinder, so sind wir auch E rben, nämlich Gottes Erben und Miterben Christi, da wir ja mit ihm leiden, damit wir auch mit ihm zur Herrlichkeit erhoben werden.

  • I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, Ephesians 3:16

Ich bin stark im Herrn und in der Kraft Seiner Macht .

Epheser 3,16 : dass er euch Kraft gebe nach dem Reichtum seiner Herrlichkeit, gestärkt zu werden durch seinen Geist an dem inwendigen Menschen.

  • I am loved by God. He is my Father. I am a child of God, John 3:16, 1 John 3:1
 Ich bin geliebt von Gott. Er ist mein Vater. Ich bin Gottes Kind .

Joh . 3,16 : Denn also hat Gott die Welt geliebt, dass er seinen eingeborenen Sohn gab, auf dass alle, die an ihn glauben, nicht verloren werden, sondern das ewige Leben haben.

1. Joh. 3,1 : Seht, welch eine Liebe hat uns der Vater erwiesen, dass wir Gottes Kinder heißen sollen – und wir sind es auch!

  • I am favored by God, Galatians 4:7

Ich bin von Gott begünstigt . Galater 4,7 : So bist du nun nicht mehr Knecht, sondern Kind; wenn aber Kind, dann auch Erbe durch Gott.

  • I am the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus, 2 Corinthians 5:21

Ich bin die Gerechtigkeit Gottes durch Jesus Christus . 2. Kor. 5,21 : Denn er hat den, der von keiner Sünde wusste, für uns zur Sünde gemacht, auf dass wir in ihm die Gerechtigkeit wür den, die vor Gott gilt.

  •  I am victorious through Christ Jesus, 2 Corinthians 2:14

Ich bin sieg reich durch Jesus Christus. 2. Kor. 2,14 : Gott aber sei gedankt, der uns allezeit im Triumph mitführt in Christus und offenbart den Geruch seiner Erkenntnis dur ch uns an allen Orten.

  • I do not worry. I am not anxious. God’s meeting my every need and His peace is in my heart and mind, Matthew 6:25 – 31; Philippians 4:6

Ich sorge mich nicht. Ich bin nicht ängstlich. Gott begegnet jedem Bedürfnis von mir und Sein Friede ist in mei nem Herzen und in meinem Denken. Matthäus 6,25 – 31 : Darum sage ich euch: Sorgt euch nicht um euer Leben, was ihr essen und trinken werdet; auch nicht um euren Leib, was ihr anziehen werdet. Ist nicht das Leben mehr als die Nahrung und der Leib mehr als die Kleidung?   Philipper 4,6 : Sorgt euch um nichts, sondern in allen Dingen lasst eure Bitten in Gebet und Flehen mit Danksagung vor Gott kundwerden.

  • I walk in love because I am loved, Ephesians 5:1 – 2; 1 John 4:7 – 10

Ich wandle in Liebe, weil ich geliebt bin. Eph. 5,1 – 2 : So ahmt nun Gott nach als geliebte Kinder und wandelt in der Liebe, wie auch Christus uns geliebt hat und hat sich selbst für uns gegeben als Gabe und Opfer, Gott zu einem lieblichen Geruch.

Joh. 4, 7 – 10: Jesus antwortete und sprach zu ihr: Wenn du erkenntest die Gabe Gottes und wer der ist, der zu dir sagt: Gib mir zu trinken!, du bätest ihn, und er gäbe dir lebendiges Wasser.

  • I am a blessing to others, Galatians 5:13

Ich bin ein Segen für Andere. Galater 5,13 : Ihr aber, Brüder und Schwestern, seid zur Freiheit berufen. Allein seht zu, dass ihr durch die Freiheit nicht dem Fleisch Raum gebt, sondern durch die Liebe diene einer dem andern.

  • I am safe because God protects me, Psalm 121:7; 2 Timothy 4:18

Ich bin sicher, weil Gott mich beschützt . Psalm 121,7, 2 : Der HERR behüte dich vor allem Übel, er behüte deine Seele. Timotheus 4,18 : Der Herr aber wird mich erlösen von allem Übel und mich retten in sein himmlisches Reich.


Simone, danke, dass du das ins Deutsche übersetzt hast. Gott segne dich.

W ritten von Pamela Koefoed - einfach üben

Simone,thank you or translating this. God bless you.