Livestream Class with Pamela Koefoed and friends, 02-01-2018. How to Know when God is Speaking to You. How to recognize His Voice.


FullSizeRender-2What do Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, Elias Howe and Otto Loewi have in common? Each of these men received detailed instructions while sleeping that led to remarkable scientific discoveries and a modern day invention.

Niels Bohr’s dream led him to the structure of the Atom. The details in Albert Einstein’s dream led to the famous E=mc2, the Theory of Relativity. Elias Howe’s dream helped him invent the sewing needle used in lock-stitch sewing machines. His needle was the first of its kind.

And Otto Loewi’s may be one of the most amazing of all…He had the same dream on two separate nights. Because he was unable to recall the instructions that were shown him in the dream on the first night, the exact dream occurred a second night. This time he arose from sleep abruptly and headed straight to the lab where he carried out the details in the dream. What did his experiment reveal? That nerve pulses aren’t the result of electrical signals, but they’re the response to chemicals.

These intelligent men obtained information leading to remarkable discoveries from their dreams. Where did their dreams come from?

I’ve been talking about God speaking to mankind on Facebook live-streaming. I’m convinced that He speaks to us more often than we realize, and am equally convinced that there are actions that we can take that help us listen and hear. During the live-streaming, I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned from Scripture, testimonials and personal experience about this. I’ve also shared some tips and tools that I believe will help others grow in their relationship with the Lord and in this whole area of hearing God speak.

Teaching over Facebook has been a richly rewarding experience because of all of you who have joined in for the classes. Those videos are now saved to my timeline and can be viewed at any time.

What about dreams…where did the dreamers in this article get their dreams? Dreaming is just one way that we receive information from the Lord. So, I believe that the logical answer here is that God gave them the information while they slept.

In the live-streaming, I teach on God speaking to us in our sleep. In tomorrow’s class, I’ll teach you how to interpret your dreams. But there’s a second source of dreaming that I will discuss in tomorrow’s class…your amazing brain and how, while sleeping, it can flush to the surface repressed, hidden or ignored feelings that may be weighing you down, disturbing your peace, or frustrating you in some way.

God speaks to mankind! This is exciting, uplifting, fascinating and such a relief. He loves us, after all. And He’s our Father. Good dads speak to their children.

But when does He speak to us? And how can we be sure that a dream or any type of non auditory language is from the Lord? What about dreams with metaphors? Are these from Him?

I invite you to my Facebook page where you’ll find all of the video lessons on this exciting topic.

The next live-stream event is Thursday, February 1st. I’ll teach on Dream Language. Please join me live on Facebook at 12 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. During  the one hour event, the first half is teaching and the second half is open for comments and questions.

If you miss the live-stream, you can still watch them. After live-streaming, they’re posted to my timeline. A side note regarding the video quality. The first couple of weeks while we were learning how to use the Facebook live video feature with our new computer, the video reception was a little choppy, but the tech issue for this has been gloriously resolved.

I’ve loved live-streaming with the Facebook community. To date, there have been more than 1,000 views of the videos. There’s an advantage for those who can watch during the live recording; they have the option of interacting with me and others, commenting or asking questions while we’re on live.

Livestreaming is a great way to connect with, encourage, inspire and share with so many wonderful people from throughout the world. I’ve found sharing with you to be a great way to spend an hour and I look forward to the next opportunity to do so.

I hope that you will join me this Thursday for the next livestream event, Dream Language. Found on my Facebook page.

You are dearly loved,

Pamela Koefoed

I Started a Riot in England

kangaroo fightSomething I said started a riot. The melee left me dumbfounded. Men and women picked up wooden chairs and hurled them across the aisles at one another. The conflict left me numb, as if an injection of strong Novocain had been administered to my brain. After all, this was a house of worship in England, a church, a place to meet with God. It wasn’t a fighting rink.

How answering one simple question could come to this…well, I just couldn’t figure it out. Really, I hadn’t meant to push an (obviously) over-sensitive nerve. I was there to bless these people, to serve the Lord and them through the ministry of the Word and the power of His Holy Spirit, not to start World War III.

The interior of the old church—with its weathered, grey timbers across walls and ceiling, and rows of wooden benches filling the first half of the sanctuary, followed by rows of wooden chairs in neatly arrange rows clear to the back wall—had left me with the sense of being in a worship house with spiritual and historical value. It couldn’t have been any less than a hundred-years-old.

Perhaps you wonder how this riot began? It all started when I answered a British man’s straight-forward question. “Aren’t you charging for the meetings?” he asked me in front of the entire congregation. “No. I wouldn’t charge a fee for Christian meetings or conferences,” I answered.

This was a dream, thankfully. Something like this wouldn’t actually happen. So, breathe deeply; everything’s well.

While in that state of deep sleep, where messages sometimes come to us from the Lord, I watched with disbelief at the congregation’s reaction to my personal conviction. Half of those present agreed with my sentiments and the other half disagreed.

A fight erupted. Everyone stood and exchanged angry words. Yelling grew to shoves. Then a man hurled a wooden chair at his fellow believer, standing two rows across from him. Someone else lifted a chair high over head and lugged it at his “brother.” In a flash, the air filled with flying chairs, as one enraged person launched the wooden weapon against another.

My friend Phil looked over at me with his eyes large and unbelieving. “Sista, we’ve gotta take it on the road,” he said. (Which in his lingo means, let’s get out of here.) “I know someone in Salisbury. I’ll take you to Salisbury.”

Dream End.

What’s the source of this dream? In the Bible, we’re shown through numerous examples and taught through Scripture that sometimes God speaks to us in dreams. I believe that the Riot Dream is from Him. If it is, then we need to ask, what is He saying?

This is one of those rare times when I’m not doing all of the writing. I have my own ideas about what the dream means. But I’m not providing the answer, because I want to hear from you. This is your opportunity to chime in with your perspective or dream interpretation. Go for it.

Let’s talk.

Pamela Koefoed, Author and Evangelist

(Genesis 37:5–10); Joseph, the husband of Mary (Matthew 2:12–22); Solomon (1 Kings 3:5–15); and several others (Daniel 2:1; 7:1); (Matthew 27:19). There is also a prophecy of dreams from the prophet Joel (Joel 2:28)

via Living Outloud. 2/06/2015