I Panhandled in Sacramento

My stomach ached with hunger. Mother left my eleven-year-old sister Robin and me home alone for several days without food. The cupboards were bare. The refrigerator had a half empty jug of Gallo and some dried out celery in a produce drawer but that was all.Panhandling wasn’t something I ever imagined for myself. I was … Continue reading I Panhandled in Sacramento

Derelicts, Bums, Scum of the Earth…No

A couple of weeks ago, a man who lives on the streets made eye contact with me as I strolled by him on my way to a clothing store. "Can you spare a couple bucks?" he asked. His voice shook as he spoke through sun burned lips. The man’s thin pants and top were covered … Continue reading Derelicts, Bums, Scum of the Earth…No