When the Mud begins to Fly

If you want to increase activity on your FB page, just write something in favor of either Ms. Clinton or Mr. Trump. It's also a great way to put a love test out there for the body of Christ. When the mud begins to fly...well, it's not very Christian. It's one thing to voice one's … Continue reading When the Mud begins to Fly

The Culture of Honor

I'm fascinated by the way some nations honor those who are worthy of honor. For instance, when my friends ministered in Pakistan, the sponsoring pastors placed several white flowery wreaths around their necks. Then as they entered the sanctuary, the congregation sprinkled rose pedals on the floor before their feet. And I know of a … Continue reading The Culture of Honor

Another Opportunity to Trust Him for What I don’t See

How do we know where we are in our faith in the Lord if there's never difficulties to press through or mountains to climb? We are matured in the furnace, as well as in the high points along our individual journeys. Life with all its joys also has tribulation. Jesus said, "You believe (trust) in … Continue reading Another Opportunity to Trust Him for What I don’t See