If You Do Nothing Else Today…

imac 27 wallpaper-308If you do nothing else today, think about what you’re most thankful for.

If you do nothing else today, sing in the shower.

If you do nothing else today, breath deep from your belly.

If you do nothing else today, walk in the crisp morning air.

If you do nothing else today, pray for your nation.

If you do nothing else today, encourage someone with a smile, or if you’re feeling really ambitious write someone an I care about you note.

If you do nothing else today, stretch your arms way up high, bend at the waist, and try to touch your toes…repeat four times.

If you do nothing else today, call someone you care about to say hello.

If you do nothing else today, tell God what you’re thankful for.

If you do nothing else today, smile more than you did yesterday.

If you do nothing else today, be generous with something…anything will do.

If you do nothing else today, dip your toes in a flowing stream of crystal clear water to remind yourself that life is more than work and responsibilities.

If you do nothing else today, give your mind a day long break from social media and the news.

If you do nothing else today, think about God’s deep and lasting love for you, for your family, and for your neighbors.

God loves you. He really does.

Live life,


Simple and Delicious Recipes

cat-dressed-vintage-photo-Day 3 of my four-month personal challenge:

This morning, I’m sharing with you three simple recipes that Vern and I used yesterday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you decide to give these a whirl and don’t have an ingredient or if you don’t like something that we used, substitute it for something else in the same category or just leave it out. That’s one of the fun things about preparing meals, you can re-create recipes and come up with something new; maybe it will be even tastier than what I’ve shared.

Breakfast, whole grain oatmeal, made by my thoughtful husband. 

  • Whole grains: 1/4 cup of each ~ barley, oats, and triticale (simmered over med. heat until soft)
  • Add about a cup of old fashioned oats (stir in and simmer for 15 minutes)
  • Add 1/2 cup of raw, unsalted sunflower seeds.
  • Serve steaming hot on top of chopped green and red apples.
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon to taste. (This tasty spice is super good for leveling out blood sugar.)

Lunch, pinto beans that we washed, soaked over night, and then cooked on our wood stove. Canned food is loaded with chemicals from the inside of the can. Beans are inexpensive and easy to prepare the day before and store in the frig. This simple recipe is for one serving. 

  • We enjoy beans with about 2 tsp. of Braggs Liquid Aminos stirred into each bowl. I know the name of this product sounds a bit weird, but it’s delicious and very nutritious. It can be found at the health food section of most large grocery stores or from Vitacost.com.
  • Chopped onions, add to taste.
  • Diced tomatoes, about 1/4 cup each.
  • A dab of sour cream (small dab for me, big dab for Vern. His cholesterol numbers are excellent.)
  • Vern had cheese on top of his. (No cheese for me. That little dab of sour cream had about 1.7 grams of saturated fat, a very tiny amount. We need to have some fat in our diets. Completely fat free diets are actually unsafe. Maybe I’ll write a bit more about that in another post.)

Dinner, chicken garden salad. Recipe is listed here for each bowl. Instead of making salad in a large container, I make it as individual servings.

  • Organic romaine lettuce, washed and torn into bite sized pieces, enough to fill two large bowls about 2/3 full.
  • Add  6 – 8 cherry tomatoes, washed and halved.
  • Add about 4 tbl. cilantro, washed and chopped.
  • Chicken, about 1/4 cup, cut into pieces, and added to each bowl.
  • 1/2 avocado, sliced. (Avocado provides you with healthy fat, the kind that actually helps you burn calories.)
  • 2 tbl. Feta cheese.
  • Olive oil infused with garlic, drizzled over the salad.
  • Organic apple cider vinegar, sprinkled over the salad.
  • Organic vegetable seasoning.
  • Mixed in their individual bowls and served.

We live in a community with only one grocery store. Some of the ingredients that we use in our cooking are ordered through Azure Standard, a co-op based in Oregon. Other items are picked up when we make the hundred-mile drive to the nearest city.

I’m eager to try new recipes and I look forward to sharing them with you during this four-month journey to stronger health.

Have a blessed day~

Pamela Koefoed