Is This Real Life?

I appreciate social media because it provides a platform where I meet each week with friends from around the world to talk about topics of real life and authentic faith.

Recently, 70 friends from the United States and from around the world joined me live  on Facebook’s video platform to talk about Miracles. During the 40 minute message, I shared some of what I’ve learned from nearly 20 years of praying for the sick. Then participants had an opportunity to have their comments and questions answered.

Few messages have had as much impact on my life as this one. Does God really Heal? Are there Verified Healing Miracles? Will He Heal Me or Someone that I love? These questions and others, related to miraculous healing by the power of God, are addressed in the video. It’s here for you to enjoy. Be blessed!


At the beginning of the video, you’ll hear Kevin O’Brien’s awesome testimony of his miracle healing of cancer. I verify that his miracle is true. Kevin’s doctor has also verified that the tumor and cancer that Kevin used to have suddenly and totally vanished.

The question that we should ask is, What caused cancer to suddenly and completely disappear? The answer to this one great question contains for others wisdom that can also lead to their cure.


Miracles in Lakeview, Oregon

I wish I had a before photo to show you of this very special lady. Her care giver brought her to Glorious Rising, the annual conference that I and my ministry team put together each Fall in Lakeview, Oregon.

22226975_10205256608761022_1458741685430163679_nWhen I first met Louise, her head was bent down into an unnatural position, with her chin almost touching her chest, due to what appeared to be severe curvature, affecting her neck.

She had been in this condition for 10 years. It was so severe that when she wanted to look to her side, because she was unable to turn her head to look over to the side, she twisted and bent at the waist with her chin (practically) pressed against her chest. Because of the immobility of her neck, the ground was her near constant view of the world.

But LOOK at her now!!!

Please join us in celebrating in the Lord for the goodness that He has shown Louise. On November 7th, following a time of prayer, she came forward to show the congregation the miracle of healing that had begun. At that time, she moved her head back, something she had been unable to do, but she was still unable to hold it in the correct position. But LOOK at her now!!!

Thanks to Teyna (her care giver) for sending us an update and this photo. We’re beside ourselves with joy. She looks like a different woman. Louise’s miracle reminds us that with God nothing is impossible.

We give the Lord Jesus all the praise for her miracle.

Supernaturally Delivered from Death’s Door

Advancing the Kingdom Ministries founder and director of Ignite School of Ministry, Pamela Koefoed on Focus Today, describes how Jesus delivered her from death’s door.  

Her remarkable testimony is filled with great hope and encouragement.

Jesus Heals Woman with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Atrophied Foot and Wrist

A testimony from our ministry in the rural foothills of Northern California
Today I received healing for carpal tunnel and pain in my right ankle. Praise God!! (Nena had a serious injury to her ankle that never healed properly. As a result, she walked with a crutch and her foot/toes had actually atrophied. On the 12th, Nena was worshiping the Lord along with the rest of us and suddenly ran up onto the stage, jumping up and down without her crutch. Jesus brought healing to her before anyone could even pray for her. And, her wrist was and still is fine. She states that on Sunday, November 14th, she was prayed for and received healing in her back and neck. That was four months ago and she’s still dancing! Hallelujah! Pastor Robin Davis, House of Prayer)
Garden Valley, CA.

I’m so happy for Nena. Miracles like this are gifts from our loving, Heavenly Father

Woman Healed of Osteo-arthritis and Chronic Pain…Then Her Husband Gets a Surprise

Woman Healed of Osteo-arthritis and Chronic Pain…Then Her Husband Gets a Surprise
sunburst public domainJanuary 30, 1983, I spun on black ice and hit a tree.  That left me with 7 compressed vertebrae’s which left me in a lot of pain.  So I’m told I also have osteoporosis, scoliosis, osteo-arthritis and a rotor cup problem.  I have had a lot of pain for 20 years.

I went to the conference in Klamath Falls and I was healed of all pain and I have my zest for life and I am more joyful than I have been for years.  I no-longer need pain pills to ease the pain.  I give all glory and praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as He is my healer.

When I got home, I talked my husband’s ear off and he started to feel bad and said, “I want what you have; being so happy and full of energy and pain free.”  Well, he got his last weekend.  The Lord healed his broken heart and took pain he had from a lung surgery 22 years before.  He is healing from a broken femur surgery 9 months ago where he had a 21” rod put in .  Most of that pain is gone also.

This is truly a gift from our Lord because He loves us all.  We just need to ask and be able to say “yes” and believe and receive. Thank you Lord Jesus,  Ruth, Alturas, California


Miracles ~ Jesus Healed Severe Hearing Loss

Smith Wigglesworth, an evangelist during the late 1800's - 1942, praying for a woman.

Smith Wigglesworth, an evangelist during the late 1800’s – 1942, praying for a woman.

Lance Richardson’s Hearing Restored in Jesus’ Name.

Many know that my husband Lance has had trouble hearing in both ears, but especially in his right ear.  Because of  ear infections as a child and operating heavy machinery through the years, Lance was almost deaf in his right ear and very hard of hearing in the other.

Our precious friend and sister in Christ, Pamela Koefoed was ministering in our church, and after she preached a powerful message on healing, she called for those with hearing difficulty to come forward.

As Pamela was saying, “The Lord wants to heal hearing today,” Lance’s ears began to pop and he left his seat and headed for the front.  Pamela placed her hands on Lance’s ears and began to pray.  The look on his face was priceless.  As he turned around, big smile, hands clutching the side of his head and eyes wide, Lance announced that he could hear!

When we got home, he picked up the phone to call our son Brandon and put the phone to his right ear.  “I haven’t been able to hold the receiver to this ear for a long time,” Lance said.  “I just can’t believe this.”

We continue to give God praise for Lance’s healing and that He loves us so much and desires us to be physically whole.  Isn’t God wonderful!?!

Lance and Rebecca Richardson
Summer Lake, Oregon
Dean Reed, Deaf in One Ear, Healed in Jesus’ Name

I was prayed for a deaf left ear on Friday night.  It was healed 75%.  On Saturday night, Pam prayed for me again and I was healed completely.  Praise the Lord for His healing power and all His wonderful love……

Dean Reed
Garden Valley, California