How to Live without the Fear of Disappointment

dscn19701.jpgDisappointments can turn a great day into a woes me day. They can transform a celebration into a wake, as we mourn a loss and disappointments can really mess up our plans.

Take a meaningful relationship, for example. I’ll always remember the day, the very hour, the very moment when one of my dearest friends cut off all of her friends from her life.

We were sisters in Christ. We had traveled in ministry together. We encouraged each other to a closer walk with God. We prayed for one another’s children. I could share my heart with her and she’d pray. She could tell me anything, because she knew that I would pray. We had planned a future in ministry together.

When she shut everyone out of her life, I assumed she didn’t mean me. What a shock to learn that everyone even meant me. I lived for a while in unbelief but, as the days passed, reality hit my heart and I wept as though my friend had died. This is why I say that disappointment can change a celebration into a wake.

How to Live without the Fear of Disappointment with Pamela Koefoed

On today’s video, you can learn how to move from disappointment into the joy that the Lord has set before you, and you will obtain keys for a hope-filled life.

Those of you who have been hurt by disappointments in relationships, you can either build a wall of protection around your heart or you can leverage the disappointment to move forward.

Those of you who’ve been frustrated by disappointing work or ministry experiences, you can either live without anticipating a fulfilling work or ministry experience or you can leverage the disappointments to propel you forward.

Those of you who’ve had more than your share of disappointments, you can play it safe by keeping your distance from what potentially could end up in another disappointment… if you choose.

But are you really safe?

I mean, think about it, if you’re staying in your “comfort zone” because of something you fear then you’re most likely not fulfilling your God created purpose, which means you’re not experiencing the abundant joy of a deeply satisfying life.

On today’s video, you can learn how to move from disappointment into the joy that the Lord has set before you, and you will obtain keys for a hope-filled life.

God wants your soul to be anchored in hope. Restore hope. Restore trust. Live the life that God designed for you. Live in abundant joy.

You are dearly loved,

Pamela Koefoed



Live Fearless, a Livestream Event with Me, Pamela Koefoed

imac 27 wallpaper-271Living fearlessly is one of my life messages. I came by it in a deeply personal and authentic way.

Trauma and terror were part of my early childhood. By age eight, fear and I were well acquainted. During a two year period I was in danger. The fear that I felt at that time was totally legitimate.

Those early experiences wrote a script in my mind which told me that I was not safe. I was in my thirties when I realized that most people don’t plan escape routes, but that’s what I did many times over the years.

In my new home, when my husband and I were on vacation, and even while staying with friends for a weekend, I planned in my mind how to suddenly vacate the building.

In my forties, I realized that many of my decisions were influenced in some way by fear undertones. It was a startling discovery.

One afternoon, I walked in the field behind my home and I talked to the Lord about this. I remember telling Him about the fear that I wanted to conquer.

I decided to reach out to Him for help. “Lord,” I prayed. “Please make me fearless.”

The Lord’s answer to that little prayer didn’t come suddenly, but it came incrementally over the next months and years. It came with the study of Scripture as passages stood out to me and revelation flowed. It came with learning to trust God with each of my children, with my husband and with me. And it came through putting into practice the wisdom that He supplied.

Because I want to help you break free of fear, I taught a class on Facebook Live and posted it to my Facebook page. Some of the topics covered during the 50 minute teaching are: the story behind Living Fearless, how fear influences our decisions, how to quickly stop fear before it gets a foothold, and how to replace anxiety with peace.

Freedom in Jesus is available to all of us. The ones who find it are the ones who seek it. If you desire victory over an area of your life, I encourage you to come on over to my Facebook page and watch Living Fearless. It’s my earnest prayer and belief that you’ll be greatly blessed and greatly encouraged by the Living Fearless teaching.

Living Fearless was recorded via Facebook livestream and can be found on my Facebook page,

You are dearly loved,