Don’t Let Fear Diminish the Amazing Life that God has for You to Live

Already this year, fear has tried to hinder me from living the amazing life that God has for me. In January, I learned how to use new technology to produce live videos, and I learned how to illustrate a children's book. Acquiring the new skills that I needed brought a measure of misery--a weighty feeling. I was overwhelmed.

Defeating Fear to Help Others

My Journey of Defeating Fear to Help Others by Memoir Author Pamela Koefoed Posted by Kathleen Pooler/@kathypooler with Pamela Koefoed/@JoyRideBook   Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway
- John Wayne So often when we write a memoir, the story develops a life of its own and becomes a part of a larger … Continue reading Defeating Fear to Help Others

Catastrophic Parenting: Daddy Shopping & Auntie Mame’s House

Pamela Koefoed’s irresponsible mother Joy Curran had her own ideas about parenting. Children should be allowed to go to bars with their parents, they can be left alone at home for weeks, they should be spoken to as adults, and they should always have good manners. Joy was a charismatic, free-spirited, single parent whose unconventional … Continue reading Catastrophic Parenting: Daddy Shopping & Auntie Mame’s House

Left-Handedness Gives Mrs. Browley Ulcers

“That’s not the correct hand,” she said from across the room. She could’ve been speaking to any one of the twenty-eight kids in my class. I knew how many kids there were because Mother had said that in my class of twenty-eight, another boy and I were the only students who wrote with our left … Continue reading Left-Handedness Gives Mrs. Browley Ulcers

Introducing the New Memoir “JoyRide: Life, Death and Forgiveness”

Director of child abuse advocacy agency, CASA, launches debut memoir. If you enjoyed The Glass Castle, you will love JoyRide: Life, Death and Forgiveness. For additional information or to purchase, please visit Reviews from Amazon: This book caught my attention in the prologue and never let it go. Don't start reading if you don't … Continue reading Introducing the New Memoir “JoyRide: Life, Death and Forgiveness”

Mucles like an Ant

Today I got up eager to begin rewriting the epilogue of my new book, JoyRide. I wrote until I was called away from the writing. When I returned, I found that all the work that I put into the revised epilogue had disappeared. I searched the computer's files, thinking it may have gotten misplaced. (Computers … Continue reading Mucles like an Ant

Fire! Help Fire! Call the Fire Trucks!

  White and grey smoke seeped from cracks surrounding the upper cabinet doors to my nine year old sister, Robin’s closet. I was seven. "Mommy!" I hollered from where I stood in the hall, near the bathroom. Mother answered my fearful sounding shout. When she reached me, I pointed to the bedroom at the end … Continue reading Fire! Help Fire! Call the Fire Trucks!