Parenting…When your Child Leaves Home

When a child leaves home, you will either experience jubilation or sorrow. I can’t relate with parents who celebrate their child’s departure from home. When my baby girl (child number three) left for college—forget the Kodak moment. This was a Kleenex day, and many more tissue days followed.Nothing in our married lives had prepared my … Continue reading Parenting…When your Child Leaves Home

Mother’s Anger

An excerpt from Joyride: life, death and forgivenessThe next day when we came home from school, Mother’s glaring eyes looked like two balls of blue steel. “So! You told your dad I’m never home.” An open beer can was on the coffee table and beside it, a lit cigarette smoldered in a clean ashtray. “Never … Continue reading Mother’s Anger

      I was so Hungry that I Panhandled

My stomach ached with hunger. Mother left my eleven-year-old sister Robin and me home alone for several days without food. The cupboards were bare. The refrigerator had a half empty jug of Gallo and some dried out celery in a produce drawer but that was all. Panhandling wasn’t something I ever imagined for myself. I … Continue reading       I was so Hungry that I Panhandled