Wie man sein Leben ändert, indem man Gottes Wahrheit in deinem Herzen erhält – Aktivität (Change Your Life with God’s Truth–Activity)

Change Your Life Activation in English and German:   Focusing on negative circumstances doesn’t help. Worrying about the past or the future is harmful for your God - created purpose and for your health. Renew your mind to have a more hopeful and optimistic perspective on life. Die Fokussierung auf die negativen Umstände hilft nicht. Sich über die Vergangenheit oder die Zukunft zu sorgen i st schädlich für deinen von Gott geschaffenen Sinn und für deine Gesundheit. Erneuere deinen Verstand, um eine hoffnungsvollere und optimistische Per s pektive auf dein Leben zu haben.  

How to Change Your Life

To fulfill our God designed purpose, fear based thinking must be replaced with a way of thinking that encourages our own hearts and motivates our own minds. Too often, the inward self critic and the mind's anti-risk mode uses fear to dissuade us away from the steps that lead us into what we're here on this planet for.

She Lost Her Son to an Addiction

I was in court last Tuesday, supporting the child advocates who volunteer with the child abuse and neglect advocacy agency that I oversee, when a twenty-eight year old woman entered and sat alone on a bench. I’ll call her Rocky. Nine months ago, when Rocky’s son was removed from her care due to her drug … Continue reading She Lost Her Son to an Addiction