Catastrophic Parenting: Daddy Shopping & Auntie Mame’s House

Pamela Koefoed’s irresponsible mother Joy Curran had her own ideas about parenting. Children should be allowed to go to bars with their parents, they can be left alone at home for weeks, they should be spoken to as adults, and they should always have good manners. Joy was a charismatic, free-spirited, single parent whose unconventional … Continue reading Catastrophic Parenting: Daddy Shopping & Auntie Mame’s House

A Writer’s Life

My publicist, Mr. Newman, is getting things in order for a radio tour to introduce my memoir, JoyRide: Life, Death and Forgiveness to America--wow. I'm feeling a little mixed about it. I'm excited, but I'm also apprehensive. I suppose these kinds of feelings are normal. Looking forward to blogging my experiences from this new leg … Continue reading A Writer’s Life

Left-Handedness Gives Mrs. Browley Ulcers

“That’s not the correct hand,” she said from across the room. She could’ve been speaking to any one of the twenty-eight kids in my class. I knew how many kids there were because Mother had said that in my class of twenty-eight, another boy and I were the only students who wrote with our left … Continue reading Left-Handedness Gives Mrs. Browley Ulcers

A Reason to Live

What do dangerous chlorine gas, an exploding house, and a knife attack mean to you? Hopefully nothing. But for me, these were each experiences that I had growing up with my alcohol-addicted mother. Living with her was like trying to survive in a river of crocodiles. My life was often in danger and it's a … Continue reading A Reason to Live