Living Outloud

“North Korea Warns U.S. of Final Disastrous Doom.” This is not the headline I had wanted to see in today’s news. As I glanced over the article carried by ABC, CBS, Yahoo News, and the main media channels, I shook my head. I’m perplexed. Help me if you can. Why does Kim Jon Un feel … Continue reading Living Outloud

Surprises in Price, Utah

  Vern and I drove from West Valley City, Utah to Moab, Utah on day two of our Oregon to Texas adventure. On the way, we decided to stop in Price, Utah where some of Vern's mother's family--on her paternal side--the Price's, once had lived. We parked on Main Street and walked several blocks to … Continue reading Surprises in Price, Utah

Russia’s Old Tricks

It's late and my eyes are heavy with sleep, but I must write and provoke you to do as I'm doing--consider recent events in Eastern Europe. I keep thinking about how we and many other nations were just in Sochi, Russia--the sponsoring nation of the winter Olympics--It was such a celebratory time and it gave … Continue reading Russia’s Old Tricks